About Me

Hey Angels,

I've never really done an in-depth 'about me' but I feel like I want to be able to connect with you on the best level and give you an insight as to who I really am.

I'm a 24 year old mummy from the beautiful city of Bath. as much as I'm a huge lover of travelling I don't think anywhere compares to this city for me. 

My little family are everything to me, I have a 1 year old son who I honestly think is smarter than me already, but he really does lighten up every day for me even when he's being a monkey, and there's my partner who spoils me rotten and makes me feel incredibly special.

Travelling is something I still really want to do, before having my son I was set to go to Australia but hey, now I can just take him with me. I want to be able to explore with him and educate him on different culture.

Blogging and Photography have a huge place in my life, when I first created my blog it was more or less just an online diary, a place for me to store my photo's and thoughts and express how I was feeling on a daily basis. Around this time I was suffering severely with depression and found this a great way to vent. This hobby soon grew into me writing about things I loved, places I'd been and as my audience grew my love for writing grew stronger and here I am today!

I have made some incredible friends for life along this online social industry and I'm inspired every day by their personal journey's. I have also learn't so much about myself and have grown so much as a person. I thank all my followers for getting me to the place I am at now and I hope to gain many more friends along the way.

This is my space to write about the following things that I love;
Health & Fitness

It's basically a huge cocktail of everything but with my spin on it and through my posts you will get to know me more personally.

Lots of love,

Stacie-Marie xo