Monday, 19 February 2018

QPC - Quest Personal Care Review

Hey Beauties!

Today I'm going to be reviewing a few products from QPC. QPC are one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of disposable personal care products and distribute worldwide to places including Russia and The Caribbean.
With over 25 years of experience they are forever keeping up to date with the market, researching and creating new products.

When working alongside skincare companies I'm always a little sceptical about what I'm going to be receiving, whether it's going to be good quality, if my skin is going to flare up because it's sensitive or if they are actually going to work.

I reached out to QPC because firstly the packaging caught my eye, which led me to go onto their website and do some research into what products are available and whether or not they would benefit me. QPC kindly sent me out a few of their products to try which included;
Collagen Sheet Masks
Moisturising Foot Socks
Deep Cleansing Charcoal Nose Pore Strips
So here is my break down of each product and the effects they had on me.

I'll start with the Collagen Sheet Masks, the packaging is very eye-catching but at the same time simple, it shows clearly what the product is, and has instructions on how to use the mask.
The targeted ingredient in these masks is Collagen.

Increases the skins elasticity
Hydrates the skin
Reduces the appearance of ageing

You apply the mask and leave it on between 20-30 minutes and then simply take it off and massage the rest of the product into your skin.
I was really impressed with these masks, my skin appeared brighter, tighter and hydrated!

Moisturising Foot Socks
Now I have to say I'm obsessed with these, I HATE feet but I still like to look after my own.
Each packet contains one treatment (a pair of socks) and the treatment is enriched with Rose Flower Oil and Pomegranate Seed Oil.

Rose Flower Oil;
Packed with an array of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants 
Reduces redness 
Highly moisturising

Pomegranate Seed Oil;
Keeps ageing at bay
Provides protection from sun damage

You put the socks on and leave for 15-20 minutes and simply take them off and massage the rest of the product in. My feet felt brand new, the were super soft and felt incredible!

Deep Cleansing Charcoal Nose Pore Strips
I had never used nose strips before as I'd seen very hit and miss reviews about them, however, I was glad I had the chance to try them out myself and I was rather impressed.
I'm a huge fan of charcoal, it works perfectly with my skin type and love it's properties, so the fact that was the key ingredient in these strips made me even more excited to try them!
Each packs contains 6 strips which should be used 1-2 times per week.

Helps to pull dirt out of the pores
Removes excess oil on the skin
Reduces visibility of pores

First of all, I cleansed my face and then washed off any excess product with warm water before apply the nose strips, once they've been applied you leave them on for 10-15 minutes before peeling them off,  the results were great! My nose was left unclogged and feeling smooth. After using the strips I applied a cold flannel over the area as it helps to minimise the pores and reduce the risk of the pores getting clogged again.

Overall I am really impressed with the products I was sent out and would love to try more from their range as in my opinion they do work and have an amazingeffect!

To see the full range go to


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