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Little Butterfly London Product Review

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, wherever you are in the world! I have a product review for you today focusing on Mother & Baby. As Mother's we always want the best for our little ones, I don't like to be too obsessive, however when looking for skincare products I like to look for the most natural ingredients that I can find, and same goes for Luka, we both have sensitive skin so having products that are natural and organic really help.

Little Butterfly London sent me some of their beautiful organic products for mothers and babies to try out and I can honestly say I'm so impressed. Luka has recently been suffering with eczema on his skin so to begin with I was a little worried about how, not just this product, but any product would react on his skin and I'm so happy with the results.

The first product I'm going to talk about is the Top To Toe Wash, it is a blend of Meadow-Sweet, Cucumber Fruit, Oat Kernel Extract & Buttermilk. It lathers really well and leaves skin feeling so soft, not to mention the smell is incredible.

Meadow-Sweet; Astringent, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory & Analgesic.

Cucumber Fruit; Rich in Vitamins & Minerals, benefits all skin types, great for oily skin types, hydrating & Anti-Inflammatory.

Oat Kernel Extract; Anti-Inflammatory, moisturising & soothing. May ease Eczema, Psoriasis, dry or itchy skin.

Buttermilk; Astringent, helps to treat freckles and age spots, tightens skin, soothes, softens and brightens due to being rich in Lactic Acid.

The packaging for this product is 5* I love it so much, it's simple, calming and the lids are wooden which gives it that little unique touch as well as the name 'bubbles in the breeze' it's 100% made to suit both Mum and Baby with all the different elements added together.
The price for this product is £19.50 for 200ml

Up next is the Mother & Baby Massage Oil, after reading the ingredients that have gone into this product it was a no brainier that I was going to love it. Packed with Vitamins and some highly beneficial Oils you will love it too, not only has his helped to calm my sons eczema and general mindset before bedtime, I have been using it on my stretch marks and the results have been amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone with little ones but also to try out on yourself, you won't be disappointed. 

Peach Kernal Oil; Nourishing, Anti-Oxidant & contains Vitamins A + E.

Rosehip Oil; Protective, Rich in Vitamins, Anti-Oxidant, Hydrates dry, itchy skin. Helps to reduce scars and fine lines.

Calendula Oil; Speeds up the healing process of wounds & minor cuts, Skin Conditions such as; Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis can be soothed when applied topically.

Argan Oil; Rich source of Vitamin E and an Emollient making it deeply hydrating whilst leaving a protective barrier on the skin.

Apricot; High in Vitamin A, softening & helps with dry/irritated skin.

Jojoba; Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory, Contains Vitamins A + E & very hydrating.

Grapeseed Oil; Helps to treat Acne, restores collagen and tightens skin, Anti-Oxidant & hydrating.

All these ingredients are infused with Mandarin & Orange Pure Essential Oils creating a calm, soothing, subtle sweet fragrance, and that it has, it smells beautiful.

You can see clearly why this Massage Oil is so good and the name itself 'fall into dreams' couldn't be more on point, this product really is a dream.
This price of this product is £29.00 for 100ml

Last but not least we have the Illuminating Day Cream for all you Mumma's. The first thing I will honestly say is I'm not a fan on the smell, but I'm very particular with scent so putting that aside i will preach that this product is A M A Z I N G and I'm completely in love with how it has made my skin look and feel. I don't even know where to begin with my excitement and love for it. I've been using this for a little over a month now and my skin looks so much brighter and fresh, it's really helped to clear up my break outs and improve the texture and feel of my skin and it's leaves the most perfect matte finish ready to apply make-up straight on the skin (the way to my heart) I LOVE IT. 

I'll start of by saying this is suitable for all skin types, but ideal for sensitive, oily or normal skin, however, since the transition of going into Winter, my skin becomes a combined mess with half of my skin being dry and flaky and the other half being excessively oily creating break-outs and mild acne. So in my eyes I think this will be perfect for literally any skin types as it is perfecting my combined skin.
It is very light on the skin, but your skin is left feeling hydrated which is exactly what I look for in a day cream, so I highly recommend giving it a trial, because you will instantly fall in love. 'Blossoms in Spring' is the name on this day cream and it really does make you feel as good as you do on a sunny Spring morning.

I'm not going to do an ingredients breakdown for the sheer fact Little Butterfly London have done it for me and it's already on their website. 
The price for this product is £12.00 for 12.5ml.

I'm so impressed with the range of products I was sent and I honestly can't wait to get my hands on the rest of their products because they are well up there with my favourite all time skin products.

Other products in their range include; 
Body Lotion
Bedtime Milk
Nappy Change Cream
Stretch Mark Butter
Toning Body Serum
Illuminting Night Cream
You can also get various gift sets, perfect for anyone expecting/who has a little one, I can't wait to share these products with all my friends who are mums to be!

I really hope all my mum followers and friends head over the the Little Butterfly London website and check out their range, you won't be disappointed, I promise!

Stacie Marie xo

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