Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Where Have We Been?!

Hey everyone!

A few months have passed and yet again I have slacked when it comes to posting and blogging, so much has happened and I feel the days just fly by, before I knew it I hadn't posted in months again!

I recently went to Reading Festival which was great, I will do a separate post on that soon so you can see what I got up to, however, when I came home Luka was poorly and then I became really sick too, so for the past couple of weeks we've not been able to go out and have both been sleep deprived and exhausted! Slowly, we are on the mend and feeling a lot better but I can honestly say it has been a huge challenge getting through it.

I have so many post idea's that I'm really excited to share with you all, from Skin Care, Baby Routines and Monthly Favourites and I'm working really hard to get these done so that I can have at least one post a week for you all. Around Christmas I will be hosting a giveaway and possibly thinking about maybe starting a YouTube channel, depending on if I get my new camera.

Thank you to everyone for your endless support and still standing by even though I've been useless lately, good things are coming your way though.


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