Friday, 2 June 2017

End of Chapter 23

In 24 days I turn 24, but with recent events I feel the need to write this post I guess for a bit of closure and to answer everyone's questions on social media.
I'm not going to go in major depth, because I have a diary for that, and that's a part of my life I would like to keep private, however, after 5 years (on and off) my relationship has come to a final end, I'm still coming to terms with it and try to accept that like times before, where I always thought there was hope of going back and fixing things, that this time it's truly done.
Being young a lot of mistakes were made and like any relationship nothing is what you could define as perfect, however, I think after 5 years it's taken it's tole and you realise that some things just can't be fixed no matter how hard you try to put them back together. It's like having a piece of paper and the sides keep ripping away over time, you're then left with a small piece in the middle and as soon as that becomes creased, there's no straightening it out, you need a clean sheet.

I feel like I've grown up a lot in this past year, especially since having my son and I'm so thankful that I have him to focus on.

I've had some amazing memories in these past 5 years, some that will stay with me forever and I will always be thankful that he stood by my side through all my hard times, and my pregnancy. Regardless as to what happens in my future I will always tell my son my best friend stood by me for 9 months and welcomed him into the world.

I'm taking this as a big sign that it's time for me to focus on myself and my plans for the future, and finally introduce true happiness in my life, learning to be happy on my own. 
With that, I'm excited to announce I will be launching my own business in December and apart from Luka, this is going to be my main focus and I can't tell you how ready I am for this new project!

When people go through break-ups you generally think it's the end of the world, but even though the heartbreak continues to remain, positive attracts positive and that's the rule I'm living by, I'm not going to spend my days miserable over something I can't change and I think that goes for any bad situation. It's time to look forward, turn the page and start a new chapter.

Goodbye 23, Hello 24..

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