Wednesday, 8 February 2017

My Labour Experience


For me was very long and tiring and I honestly never thought it was going to end. I went into Pre-labour 2 weeks prior my due date, and what started off as false contractions, gradually turned into the main ones. My body wasn't producing enough Oxycontin to make my contractions stronger so instead I was left in a lot of pain and feeling very uncomfortable for 3 weeks.

I spent nearly every other day at the hospital where I was given endless amounts of drugs to help me sleep and to help the pain, yet no one put a plan in action. I became increasingly stressed, tired and frustrated. Sleeping was very uncomfortable and I started to get reduced movement and had to change my place of birth to a hospital rather than a birthing centre. 

As there was nothing they could do for me in the hospital, or so they said, I was sent home with medication and was told to keep active, which normally wouldn't have bothered me, but in this case my body was exhausted, it was mid summer (30c) outside and I really didn't know what to do with myself, therefore, I mainly sat with my feet in a pool of cold water and kept pacing around the garden to try help move things along.

My due date was the 13th august and I was now 3 days overdue. I was sent back to the hospital for a late scan so they could check everything was okay with Luka and how he was positione. Luckily after seriously putting my foot down they said they would induce me the next day. I got a call at 9am the next morning and made my way to the hospital, they induced me at 11am so I spent most of my day walking around the hospital grounds with my mum and practising my breathing techniques to get myself in the right state of mind for delivery.
I was 2cm dilated for 3 weeks, had 5 sweeps and over 12+ examinations, so you can imagine after all this I was ready to give birth and meet my little man. 7am on the 19th I was told that I was now 4cm and ready to go down to the delivery room where I would stay until Luka decided to make an appearance, this was such a big relief to me that I cried!

Bath Hospital were absolutely incredible, I had the loveliest midwife called Roxi who managed to get me a birthing pool and made my labour experience amazing. 
I was told to have an epidural as my body would be too tired to push, but the thought of not feeling myself pushing freaked me out, so it was gas an air for me.
The birthing pool really helped and then I had some diamorphine to help with the pain, after 5 hours in labour I started spontaneously pushing and 23 minutes later my baby boy arrived.

As if it wasn't stressful enough already, a rush of doctors ran into the room and took Luka away, they predicted he would arrive between 6-8pm so as he came early the drugs I had taken were in his system still, which made him sleepy. He soon came around and they let me hold him for the first time.
After 3 weeks of stress I was in complete shock, even now I can't quite get my head around how traumatic it was for me, but everyday I'm lucky that my son is healthy and funnily enough very content.

How did I cope for 3 weeks?

I didn't! No I joke, but I did ask myself this a lot, and so did many other people. Both my mum and midwife said that through-out delivery I was very calm and quiet, the main reason for that is I had learn't to take myself off to another place.
Meditation and Yoga 
These are amazing for you and your baby through-out pregnancy and labour as it keeps you both relaxed.
Calming music
I listened to the sounds of waves and rain to keep me in a relaxed state of mind.
Rather than sitting really helps as you're helping baby engage, so try and stay active even if it's just bouncing on a gym ball (mine was a god send)
Having other people around you that you can confide in really helps, whether they are there to talk you through things, or just to be a hand to hold, it makes it easier to not feel alone.
Birthing Pool
Water really helped me to relax and take the edge off a bit, I would definitely recommend trying one, even if you don't stay in until delivery.

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