Monday, 6 February 2017

7 Things To Do Before Breakfast

Before having my son I wasn't somebody that had routine, in fact my days were all over the place, but since having Luka I'm in a great routine, especially in the mornings. It is important to start my day off in the most effective way possible as I need to focus and be energised in order to give my son the best care, that doesn't mean to say that when I'm tired he doesn't get great care but stressful vibes rub off on others and in fact will make a situation worse, so I like to stay as focused as possible.


I must admit, i NEVER use to wake up early and most of the time I'd stay in bed until 10am and then decide to get up. Since getting up at 6am every morning I gain 4 hours to get stuff done. Okay, I have a son, so I can't exactly have a lie in anyway, however I'm glad, because since being in this routine I feel great! Your state of mind is usually a lot more clear and studies show that those that get up earlier and establish a routine, are usually less likely to develop mental health problems. 


The first thing I do once I'm up is drink a pint of water. After sleeping, whether it's 6 hours or 10, your body needs re-hydrating, Through the night, as your body gets no fluid intake, you start to slowly dehydrate, therefore, you may sometimes wake up with a dry throat or feel quite dazed. Your brain tissue is 76% water so lack of it may result in feeling more tired and experiencing headaches. Water also helps to boost your metabolism by around 24% which can aid towards maintaining a healthy weight.


I always cleanse my face and then soak it with a cold flannel, this isn't something essential, but I find the cold water helps to reduce the redness of my skin and dark circles under my eyes as well as making me feel much more alert. Cold water also minimises pours, therefore reducing the risk of getting blackheads and spots. 


I like to give myself 10-15 minutes of head space in the morning, this is either doing some yoga, especially if I've slept funny and need to stretch and feel more relaxed, meditation to help release any negative thoughts and absorb positive ones or writing down what my goals for the day are in my journal. Starting the day feeling fresh with a clear head will help you to concentrate and stay focused. (Tip: This is also great after a stressful day)
POSITIVE THOUGHTS A positive mind leads to a positive live, I 100% live by this quote, telling myself my day will be great, I will succeed and achieve my goals and I'm lucky to have such a great life really helps me stay positive and focused for my day. If you were to wake up and think 'today is going to be awful', then the chances are your day will be awful because you're not sending positive vibes into the universe. Okay, so not every day is going to be amazing, but you can always turn something negative into a positive. The first hour of your day usually effects how the rest of your day will pan out.


A clean home makes a clear mind. I find that if there is mess around me my mind doesn't feel relaxed because it's cluttered. Cleaning in the morning not only gets you motivated for your day, but it makes you feel good. I love seeing everything nice and neat and it really does effect how I feel. Cleaning also helps to get rid of germs, prevent allergies and protect your immune system, so even more reason to keep things clean and organised.

I then go on to eat my breakfast and plan the day for Luka and myself!

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