Wednesday, 1 February 2017

11 Important Things About Motherhood..

Motherhood completely turns your world upside down, not in a bad way, but in a sense that it opens up a whole new life for you and is full off new things to learn. There are elements of motherhood that people will bang on about, like 'say goodbye to sleep' or 'you no longer have a life' firstly I believe neither of these statements are true but also, no one ever talks about the important things that matter, so I've listed somethings below that I have discovered since becoming a new mother.

*I know all babies are different but this is my personal experience guide*

1) You DO get sleep!
People would always rant on about having to say goodbye to sleep once you have a child, but your baby isn't awake 24/7, as soon as he/she goes to sleep you can get your head down too. I know this is easier said than done, some people find it hard to sleep in the day, and others just want to stare at their newborns and take in how beautiful they are, but even if it means putting your feet up and not doing anything, it counts as rest and will be enough to keep you going.
I was a big sleeper before I had Luka, and I was always scared about how I would handle the lack of sleep, but you just do, your body adjusts and you get on with it.

2) Breastfeeding IS painful.
No one ever said a lot to me about breastfeeding, but I knew it was something I certainly wanted to try even if it didn't work out. It doesn't hurt forever as mothers wouldn't continue to do so, but the first week of trying to get the hang of it, is painful. I was very unlucky as Luka was tongue tied so I had a very bad experience but breast cream and hot flannels help a lot. The stage where your milk dries up is the worst and you will experience the most uncomfortable pain for up to a week, but it does get better, make sure you have breast pads and take hot baths to relieve the pressure. Also if you have a breastfeeding group running in your area, go to it, they really help.

3) Babies DON'T cry all the time.
Babies are a lot easier than people make them out to be, I would always get told about how much babies cry, but usually they are crying for a reason, hungry, tired or needing a nappy change, you will also get to know your baby's cry so you'll know what it is that they want. So don't think you're going to have a little one that cries all the time because really they're peaceful little beings that just need love and attention.

4) Your stretchmarks WILL fade.
I was very lucky not to have any stretchmarks on my stomach however, I have loads on my thighs where I put so much weight on, this made me feel really insecure but Argan and Bio Oil really helps them fade. After birth they look very bright purple but they don't stay like that so embrace that you've just had a baby and in time they will hardly be visible.

5) Don't be afraid to ask for help.
No one should ever be afraid to ask for help, having a baby is a huge life changer and it takes a lot of adjusting, even if it's asking someone to watch over the baby for 15 minutes whilst you take a relaxing bath or a power nap or even if it's just to eat. You need to remember you are human and you need looking after too, and giving yourself a little you time each day really helps.

6) Being tearful is NORMAL.
Everyone's experiences after birth are different, but the one thins most women have in common are the baby blue's. It's a very overwhelming time so along with being exhausted and excited you can get extremely tearful. My 3rd night I was still in hospital and as Luka was tongue tied he wouldn't feed properly, I was exhausted and completely broke down in the middle of the night, luckily I had great support around me and managed to get some rest. They do go away within a few weeks and if for any reason you feel like they aren't, you should seek help as you don't want to suffer with post natal depression and support is available.

7) You DO still have a life.
You just have a companion along the way! Yes, okay, you have to say goodbye to your weekends out on the town but personally I didn't want to do that anymore, I enjoy going for walks with my son, and seeing family and you can still go out and socialise, so anyone that says you can't is ridiculous. Just remember to stay organised and pack your nappy bag. Also, who's to say in the future you can't find a babysitter, you need to have a break at some point.

8) It DOESN'T have to be expensive.
Women are having children all the time, meaning they will have tons of clothes and toys so, you don't have to go mad and spend loads when you can get second hand stuff that's as good as new. Same goes for furniture, prams, baby baths you name it I'm sure you'll find it somewhere a lot cheaper. Save your money for essentials like nappies. Family members go crazy buying things for you and your new baby, so you don't have to. I've seen people go mental buying new things and there's honestly no need. Also keep an eye out for baby events at your local supermarkets they do some amazing deals.

9) NO ONE is perfect.
There is no guide book to being a parent, and you shouldn't feel like what you're doing is wrong at any point, if you're unsure just ask but no one has a right to judge how you bring up your child, we are all different and do things our own way. As long as you are doing your best that's all that matters so don't let anyone try to tell you how to bring up your baby, they have no right!

10) Time goes FAST
Honestly, time flies by so fast it is crazy, so embrace it and take tons of photo's because they are only tiny once. I have hundreds of photo's of Luka already and I've put them into albums and I've been documenting all of his 'firsts' it will be such a special thing to look back on. You can also get a memory box to store their first outfit, cards and baby hospital band.

11) You WILL hear your baby and wake up.
This was a huge fear of mine as I was a heavy sleeper, but your motherly instincts take over and you become a very light sleeper, I wake even if Luka breathe's slightly louder than normal so don't think that you'll be too tired to hear them, they'll soon wake you up by screaming for your attention if they are left long enough!

I hope this is helpful as they are thing's I never really thought about or was told when becoming a new mother, enjoy it and remember to take a moment to yourself to take it all in!


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