Wednesday, 11 November 2015

How to survive Winter 15'

I cannot even begin to express how much I dislike Winter, my body really doesn't handle the cold weather well, It depresses me that it's dark longer than it's light out, and not to mention the fact it rains constantly. However, I always try make it bare-able so I don't go in to hibernation (although I wish I could) so here are my tips on how to make it a cosy one!

Warm, Cosy Socks
You know, the ones we will be living in for the next few months. Nothing beats putting on a fresh pair of soft warm socks before you get into bed, and they are really cheap to buy, Primark is without a doubt the place to go for these!

Every Warm Drink Imaginable
Whether it's a hot chocolate, caramel latte, mocha or anything from the huge list Starbucks offer us, I really wouldn't survive the winter without hot drinks, they keep me awake and nothing beats waking up to one when you know you've got to go out and face the cold!

Winter Playlist
I always seem to listen to the same kinda music around winter, or songs that I've not heard in ages! I will upload my winter playlist very soon!

Harry Potter Marathons/Halloween & Christmas Movies
I tend to watch all the Harry Potter movies over Christmas, and when it comes to horrors I tend to watch your typical Halloween/Friday 13th and Saw Boxset, but nothing beats when December comes and it's finally acceptable to watch Elf & The Grinch without people judging you!

Winter Walks
I love winter when the sun is shining, because even though it's cold, it makes everything look super pretty and I don't mind wrapping up super warm and going for a nice walk.

Long, Hot Baths
These are my absolute favourite, candles, bath bombs, bubble bars and setting up your laptop to watch netflix whilst chilling in the most relaxing bath, there's no way better to end a long cold day, or even something to cheer you up when you're feeling down!

So there we have it, a quick survival guide to surviving Winter 2015! Keep Cosy xo

(All photo's used do not belong to myself, if you wish to be credited please contact me, Thank You)

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