Friday, 13 November 2015

How To Be Organised For Christmas

Hey everyone!

We have around 7 weeks left until Christmas is here, and as horrible as it is to think about, it's not actually too far away. I'm one of those people who pretty much leaves everything until the last minute and then panics because I have less than a week to get everything sorted. But no, not this year, for once I'm actually going to be organised! I know a lot of people are very similar and leave everything until the last minute so I thought this guide would help us all out a little!

Get Yourself In The Christmas Spirit
I've never really been super excited for Christmas, I'm usually The Grinch, however this year, due to getting all the Christmas range at work, I've felt a little more excited. It seems a little early, but as soon as December hits I will try get a little more festive at home. By doing this I mean getting the Yankee Candle Christmas range, putting some fairy lights around the house and start the Christmas movie marathons, with tons of chocolate and ice cream of course.
I'm really thinking about doing a DIY Christmas deco post too so please let me know if this is something you would all like to see!

Being Prepared
So by this I mean presents, shopping etc. Grab yourself a little list notepad, so you are guaranteed not to forget anything. Make sure you have the main things down that are needed;
Wrapping Paper
Gift Bags
Ribbons, and anything else you like to use to make your presents look beautiful!
Once you have all these, right you actual shopping list for what you are buying for people.

Keep Record 
There's nothing worse than buying lots of present then forgetting what you bought for who, because it can get so confusing, I like to buy gift bags for each person I'm buying for, that was I know which bag is for who. I'm also the type of person to hide presents, forget about them and then find them 6 months later, so make sure you don't hide them in stupid places you'll forget about!

I'm forever busy around Christmas, with juggling work and seeing friends and family, it can be really hard to fit everyone in, so I really like to keep a planning of what I'm doing each day and try and fit seeing everyone in as best I can, but remember it's always important to have some time to yourself, it's a very stressful time of year and sometimes you just need to have a lazy day in bed!

It's not a huge guide but I find the little things can really help in making it a less stressful season and that way you can really enjoy and make the most of it!

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