Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Sky Is The Limit

Aahhhh so the past few months have been insane, my life is changing so much for the better and I'm so blessed to have such supporting people around me!

So working at Lush is amazing, not only am I working in a place that I feel really passionate about, but I work with some of the nicest people I've ever met, it's like having a big family. I'm learning more about myself everyday and growing into such a better, more confident person.
All the new Christmas products launched on Friday so it's been pretty manic, however I will do a big haul soon and review them all, I've just really not had time, they are absolutely beautiful though so be sure to head over to the Lush website and check them out.

On top of all the Lush craziness, I'm slowly fixing up my home to how I've always wanted it, and added a new addition to the family, a kitten! His name is Oatis and he is such a little darling/nightmare, he's around 13 weeks now, so I will do a kitten post soon and show you my set-up, plus a bunny update as so many of you have been asking about Wallace, he is still my little baby and is perfectly fine!

I've started also started my new rib tattoo, a lot of people were asking how the pain was, and how long was my session. So firstly, I sat for 3 hours, everything in the picture below was done in those 3 hours. A lot of people told me I was going to be in a lot of pain and that it was one of the worst places to get tattooed, this didn't apply to me, I felt comfortable through-out the whole sitting, and it genuinely just tickled more than anything. This isn't me saying everyone is the same, because it really does vary from person to person but I've realised that I have an incredibly high pain threshold. 
The healing process was worse than the tattoo being done itself, because of how itchy it was and clothes irritate it a lot, so you have to make sure you're constantly keeping it clean and moisturised. I'm sitting another 3 hours on the 9th to get it coloured and I'm super excited. The tattoo was done by a friend of mine Jerry you can check out his work HERE

So for now that's everything, I've had a few post requests so soon I will have a piercings/tattoo post a new Lush haul and my latest skin/hair routines plus lots more.

Hope everyone is good and thanks for staying patient with me xo

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