Monday, 6 July 2015

So Much Change

Okay guys, firstly sorry sorry sorry, you should all known how useless I get at posting, but this time it's not because I've been taking a break, I've actually been super busy.
So exciting new, I have started working at Lush! For those who don't know what that is, it's a cosmetics company selling basically everything a girl needs in life!
A lot of you who have been reading my posts and following me on instagram will know I have been blogging about their products for around 6 years an have always wanted to work for them!

My Experience:
People have asked why I never applied to work their sooner, the reason for this were mainly anxiety, Lush is a very busy store and the way the interact with customers is very different to a normal job as they approach customers a lot more, for me this was the scariest thing in the world as I'm very socially awkward and my heart races when I'm in busy and stressful situations. Finally I plucked up the courage to just go for it, and now I'm an employee!

How it works:
First of all if you want to make a first good impression, make your cover letter that goes with your CV as colourful and exciting as possible, to match your personality, at Lush they look for individuality so be yourself but express it. Mine was super colourful and crazy and I just ranted on about how much I love hair and beauty.

Secondly, they will either invite you to an interview or they will ask you to do a trial day straight away, which is what happened to me. I was terrified to say the least as they do throw you in at the deep end, but it's your chance to shine and show that you are confident with customers and are happy to do demo's on customers. Lush are all about demo's as it really helps you to engage with the customers and sell the products. It also helps the employees to become more familiar with the products which again makes it easier to sell. On the shop floor the managers will take you to a side and give you constructive criticism and ask how you feel you're doing, which I found really helpful as I could use it to improve, which I did and was offered the job!

I have only been working a few weeks, but already as a company they have helped me so much, my confidence has sparked and I feel so much more capable of doing things as well as the fact I can be myself there. You don't have to change and become a boring professional, you can incorporate your attitude and personality and still be professional, by this I mean, I sing and dance about all day trying to draw attention so customers will come in, it's so so fun!

So, onto some awesome news, I will be doing a HUGE summer give away which I'm in the process of getting together now, which will end 1 Sept, lots of Lush goodies will be involved and I will be collaborating with some of my favourite bloggers/youtubers so please stay posted!

Thanks for all being patient with me, I will be back to normal very soon.


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