Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rules Of Heartbreak

Lately myself and many of my friends have been/gone through heartbreak and I know many of you have probably experienced the same thing and it's horrible. Most of us wish it was easy to just get over someone but it's never that simple, after talking to loads of my girl friends about how they get over heartbreak it figures we all pretty much do the same thing! Below are the reality of it VS change.


1) Crying hysterically until you are too tired to cry any more.

2) Listen to the same sad song on repeat for days.

3) Staying in bed for a week feeling sorry for yourself.

4) Saying goodbye to healthy food and living off ice cream and crisps

5) Forever feeling like you aren't good enough.

6) Hoping he will come to his senses (so rare)

7) Calling your friends endlessly crying but never taking your advice on why he's not worth it.

8) Watching movies such as The Notebook & P.S I love you so you have an excuse to cry.

9) Living in the same PJ's until you HAVE to leave the house, even then it's a struggle.

10) Neglecting everything and everyone one then complaining you'll be forever alone.


1) Realise that life goes on, there are plenty more fish in the sea.

2) Take it as a learning curve, you can do so much better.

3) You don't deserve to feel shit, so stop dwelling and move on.

4) Wipe those tears, put your face on and get back out there.

5) Become empowered and take on the world again.

6) Get rid of what reminds you of them, and replace with new happy things.

7) Realise it's their loss and not yours.

8) Self focus - New goals, New Plans.

9) Happy music, nothing beats feel good music.

10) Don't spend time on your own, you will over think way too much.

There are so many more things but this is what I was doing VS how I sat down thought about it and changed, I feel so much better now, life is too short to dwell over someone who doesn't want you, because someone is out there waiting to treat you like a princess!

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