Friday, 1 May 2015

Detox - week 1

So I would be lying if I said I was doing perfectly well on my first week, because I'm not. It's actually incredibly hard to change your whole routine + eating habits + exercise all in one go, so I've decided to take small steps so my body doesn't freak out.

I've stopped drinking drinks which are high in sugar, such as squash, fizzy drink and alcohol, and exchanged them for water, which you can add flavour to just by adding sliced fruit such as lemon, lime, strawberries, mint and cucumber, and it's so refreshing and 10 times healthier.

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for coffee and with my coffee comes tones of sugar that I add when I'm feeling extra sleepy in the morning or need a boost through the day. I found this was making my body very clammy and raising my sugar levels way too much, so now instead of having I have exchanged it for honey! It sweetens it up perfectly, and honey is a great anti-oxidant so it will help prevent your body from sickness as well as energising you and reduce ageing and spots!

As for exercise I've downloaded the perfect app to help me get fit and back into shape, it's called SWORKIT lite and I'm obsessed. It gives you 4 categories Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching. Each category gives you options to select which part of the body you would like to work on, how intense you would like the work out to be and the time you would like to do it for. It also allows to create your own custom work out where you select only the things you want to focus on.
This is not sponsored it's something I found myself and have fallen in love with it as it's so easy to use and it's also free on AppleStore and GooglePlay
I will post some pictures of my progress soon so you can see the change.


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