Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Holiday #2

I'm away again, and the weather has stayed amazing, couldn't be luckier! I'm currently staying in a place called Marazion, just outside of Penzance and my room overlooks the sea!
I've visited some beautiful places so far and there are so many cute little shops in the town, once I get back I will post pictures of all the goodies that I buy. It's lovely to get away, nothing is more calming to me than the ocean waves and I get to fall asleep listening to them every night.

Other activities include;
Eating bubblegum ice cream,
Drawing pictures in the sand
Staying out to watch the sunset
Spontaneous adventures

I'm currently working on some requested posts and will soon have a Spring give away for you all, so keep an eye out, also I have decided I'm going to cut my hair short again when I'm home, really fancy a change for the summer, plus I want to go back blonde!

Hope everyone had a good easter break xo

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