Monday, 27 April 2015

10 things most women do

So I was thinking the other day about some of the things I do, and it crossed my mind as to whether I am just strange or whether other girls do the same thing, I asked some of my friends, did some internet research and hey I'm not that strange after all! If you relate to any of these please let me know!

1) Saying you're going to have a quick bath.
What this really means is making yourself a drink, setting up your laptop to watch an episode of your favourite series and staying in the bath until you're fingers are shrivelled, you're falling asleep and your on the verge of hypothermia where after 45+ minutes the bath is so cold. (Unless you're like me and keep adding more hot water)

2) Sitting in your towel for an hour
So after my 'quick' bath I always find myself being too lazy to dry myself off like a normal person and just put some clothes on, instead I find it comfier to sit in a wet towel for an hour until I can finally be bothered to get up and find some pyjamas.. anyone else?

3) Crying for absolutely no reason
Whether it's a sad movie, a happy movie, what someone has said, or just being plane emotional like we are, I tend to do this a lot, just start crying, and then afterwards feel like an idiot as I have no idea what I was crying about and I suddenly feel fine again. I blame hormones.

4) Taking 234 selfies
So I know I'm not the only one guilty of taking a ridiculous amount of selfies, until you find the best one and then delete the rest.. even though every single one pretty much looked exactly the same as the last one, and even then we still edit it.

5) Vanishing hair grips
I always find I will buy a box of around 100 hair grips and within a week they have all disappeared, and not in a sense where they are lying around the house somewhere, they genuinely vanish of the face of the planet never to be seen again.

6) The mascara face
Anyone else find themselves making a face like they've just been possessed or seen something completely outrageous? Why do we do this? It makes absolutely no difference as to how the mascara goes on our eyelashes.

7) Wearing a hoodie with shorts
I'm not entirely sure if it's being lazy, liking the fashion statement you're currently trending or just genuinely not realising you are defeating the whole objective of keeping your body warm.. or cold.. which ever you are going for. Either way I'm guilty of this a lot!

8) Getting jealous over the littlest things
And not only with boys! If I walk down the street and see a pretty girl with amazing hair, or a T-shirt I like or outfit for that matter, I get so jealous as to why I'm not that awesome. But boys too, some things boys to make me ridiculously jealous, and usually it's for no reason at all.
Texts from other girls that make you savage until they turn around all 'she's my sister' ..oops

9) Sleep/Wake up routine
Anyone else do the night time check list;
Check emails, Check Facebook, Check Instagram, Check Texts, Sleep.. and hen wake up and do the EXACT same thing. Social media is our lives now, we just have to accept it.

10) Sleeping with make-up on
Okay so here's one I don't do as often as I use to, but I'm pretty sure every girl is guilty of it at some point, whether it's been an exhausting day, after a night out or you're just plain lazy, we've all slept in a face of make up, and then spent the next week crying but we have completely broken out in spots and don't want to leave the house. Biggest error ever!

Hope you guys liked this most, it's something that made me giggle to myself earlier, let me know if you are the same or have any more things that you could add!


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  1. I literally do just about all of these, oh wow! thank god its not just me!! x