Sunday, 29 March 2015

Hair Colours & Care

Hey everyone,
I've been meaning to write this post for ages as I get asked constantly about my hair! So I thought I would do a section for each colour I have had and how I maintain/look after my hair.

Firstly I'll start with blonde, as most people wanted to know how I got it blonde from being black/red and how I kept it in good condition. Firstly, any change to the hair where you have to lighten it, you're going to experience damage no matter what as you are stripping the hair of it's colour, along with all it's natural oils. So if you are planning on doing this you will need to test your hair strength before hand, I know a lot of people skip doing this, but it is so important, I know many people who have put bleach on their hair and their hair has snapped off from not being strong enough. You will also need to buy some hair masks/treatments in order for your hair to regain strength.

Stripping the hair from black -
Depending on whether what colour you already have on your hair may result in the colour being different when you bleach. My hair had red and brown underneath so when I bleached it, it went bright orange, which I knew was going to happen. Once it was orange I bleached it again and then used a purple toner in order to take out the brassy/orange colours out which left me with blonde hair. However, I've had times where the toner hasn't been enough to take out the brassiness, so I dyed over the top with an ash blonde and then gradually lightened it. You are best off talking with a hairdresser just to get advice before doing this as your hair could go terribly wrong!

Red Hair -
If you want to go bright red you are best of putting a base colour of copper on your hair, it will help the colour stick to the hair and last longer, people always wonder why red hair fades so quickly when it's put on top of bleach, it's because bleach strips the hair of it's colour. I use Matrix 'Majicolour' range, the colour will still be very vibrant on top of the copper and makes it easier to maintain as it doesn't fade as quick.

Pink Hair -
I put the pink over the top of my bleached hair, and to achieve more of a pastel pink I mixed the dye with conditioner, it's a very high maintenance colour so be prepared to dye it every week as it will fade quickly, I would usually just put a hint of dye in every time I conditioned my hair to help it stay. The brands I used were Manic Panic and Schwartzkopf.

Purple Hair -
Same as the pink depending on how dark you want to go, purple can take a while to get out and won't fade as quickly if you go more of a cadbury's purple. Quick warning, if you are going to bleach over purple test it first, I can't stress this enough, my hair went aqua, and don't get me wrong the colour looked awesome but if it's not a result you want you won't be left happy.

Hair treatments -
I treat my hair 2-3 times a week, and will leave them on for hours or sleep in them, I will link some good ones below but I also use natural ways of treating my hair, such as a honey and egg masks, It works wonders and makes your hair so soft and shiny. Things such as Morrocan Oil and Coconut are also amazing for your hair and will help to restore all it's goodness you lose by colouring/stripping it.

Hsuan-wen-hua - Lush

Ojon Hair Treatment

I hope this helps and answers everyone's hair questions :) xo

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