Monday, 2 February 2015

5 ways to be more positive

I've turned a lot of things around in my life over the past few months, and I'm looking at things in a much more positive way, so I thought I'd share it with you all.

1) Throw away all the bad in your life.
I spent so much time dwelling on all the bad things in my life, so I constantly felt negative about a lot of things, I took the time to write down all the pros and cons in my life, and anything that I thought was making me unhappy or taking a negative affect on me, I got rid of, whether it was people, relationships or the things I was doing. I'm now a lot happier and anything that gets me down I either get rid of it or do my best to turn it into a positive. The more positive you are, the more positive things will come to you and happen in your life.

2) Eat more healthily and exercise.
I was never really one for exercising or eating healthy, because I'm a small build and I have a high metabolism, so I didn't really think it would affect me. Recently I tried to work out more, I've spent time doing yoga and I've changed my diet, eating more healthier foods and drinking more water and smoothies. The change has been really noticeable, my mood is better, my skin looks brighter and I feel a lot more energised, whereas before I felt tired and unmotivated. It really does help!

3) Do more of what make you happy.
A lot of my time last year was spent doing what everyone else wanted and just going along with things even though it wasn't making me feel good. I've made a big list of all the things that I want to achieve and do this year, including going out and seeing my friends more, travelling and pushing myself to do things that I would love to do but have always be too afraid to do. Life is too short and everyone needs to live it to the absolute full, no matter what anyone else says.

4) Make time for yourself
One thing many people forget to do, is take a step make from everything and give yourself some quality time to relax or do things you enjoy. I found that giving yourself a little bit of time, whether it's a day off or an evening after school/work really helps your mood. When I get time to myself, I have pamper night, long baths, face masks & lots of movies. If you are constantly busy your body and mind don't have time to rest properly, giving yourself time away will help you to focus more.

5) Set yourself challenges
I never use to set myself goals or challenges because I was scared of rejection or failure, but I've learn't that if you don't push yourself or set higher goals, you'll constantly be in the same place. Sometimes you have to be brave and take a risk, it's been so worth it for me, I have some amazing opportunities coming up that wouldn't be in place if I didn't challenge myself to do things I was scared of. When you start seeing results it's also a huge confidence boost, which is great for making you feel better about yourself and all round happier.

People deal with different things in different ways, but I find all the above work for myself, so if you don't already apply them to your life, try it, I could make a huge difference.


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