Monday, 20 October 2014

Autumn Adventures

Hey everyone!
I thought I would do a something a little different and post my weekend adventures. I love Autumn so much, everything looks super pretty. I'm lucky enough to live next to two little villages called Lacock and Castle Combe (Wiltshire) which are usually busy with tourists due to it's history and the fact that lots of movies are filmed in these locations including Harry Potter, The War Horse, Stardust and many more, its so cool!

I usually go on little wonders and take lots of pictures, the ones featured below are from Castle Combe! If you would like more of these day out posts then please let me know and I'll upload more photos of my adventures :) The people in the second photo are my dad, sister and myself :)

Next Monday I'm going to be doing 'Things I love about Autumn' & tomorrow Wreck It Wednesday will be happening, PROMISE! I've already got it ready to post hehe.

Love y'all xoxo

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