Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Shopping Haul Part One - LUSH

Hey everyone! So last week I went shopping.. and spent way too much money.. but WHO CARES, I bought some awesome things to show you guys! This is the first part of the haul because I got so much to show you :)

Firstly I'll show you the things I bought from Lush, as you all know I'm a little obsessed and have been shopping there for so long now, and I can't get enough, I recommend their products to everyone.

I'm going to do a hair post soon, because a lot of you ask how I keep it in good condition and what products I use etc, I will also review this product as I've not yet used it! However, the things I have read about it are great, and I really wanted to try a new treatment for my hair, and apparently it stimulates hair growth! WIN
This product is £9.95 and as you can see is a larger pot! Which I think is a great price.

I've used this product before and it is incredible! Most cleansers I have used just get rid of dirt or excess make up, but there is something magical about this product, you only need the smallest amount, and it has the smallest grains to also help ex foliate the skin so you're not left sore or with dry skin. The difference you are left before and after is incredible, it leaves your skin so much brighter, getting rid of all red patches.
This pot is £6.40 which is great value for money because it lasts so long!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Sorry for the outburst but it is so amazing, if you are on your feet a lot, or just love to feel refreshed then you need to go and buy this product. I use it all the time, it's a mask but for your foot, so while you're face masking, foot mask too and you'll feel extra pampered. I cover my feet in it and then walk around the house with carrier bags on my feet and leave it on for a good half hour, when you take it off your feet feel so refreshed and soft. Love love love itttt. 

Which brings me onto...

Stepping Stones Foot Scrub
Whether you use this with volcano, or as a foot scrub on its own, the results are amazing, its ex-foliates your feet and leaves them clean and smooth! Using the stepping stone with volcano is the ultimate foot pampering session and you will become hooked! It may seem a little expensive at £3.10 but the results are worth it.

Next up are bath bombs & bath melts all time favourite ways to relax are in the bath, and why not better that with these awesome products..

Big Blue
Big blue is a bath bomb with seaweed in it, it smells so refreshing and calming, turns your bath into an ocean and makes your skin feel fabulous and smooth! £3.25

The Comforter
This is my all time favourite, it's a bath melt and everytime I go to Lush I can't resist buying it, not only does it last ages as you can break it up into pieces but it smells AMAZING, Your bath basically turns into a candy shop, what more could a girl want..or a guys, my boyfriend loves them too.. SHH. This also leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft so go on girls treat yourself! £4.50

Granny Takes A Dip
I tried this for the first time last night and it's like having a rainbow in your bath, it's a bath bomb with so many colours that merge into each other, and also smells amazing! I loved it, good creation lush, yet again! £3.25

I hope you guys likes what I have bought, I will be doing reviews very soon & also parts 2 and 3 are coming soon, I will keep you all updated!

Love y'all xoxo

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