Friday, 8 August 2014

Shopping Haul Part Two - Yankee Candles

Continuing on from my last post, I went a bit crazy with the yankee candles! My boyfriend and I went to the outlet village and they had a huuuuuuuge yankee candle sale on, so I went a bit mad!

Firstly I got 3 large candles;

Home Sweet Home - Large
It has a really light cinnamon smell to it, and kinda reminds me of pot-pourri, this was Blakes favourite!
RRP: £19.99 Price I paid £9.99.

A Childs Wish - Large
This one reminds me of spring and is super refreshing. It's a candle I will use to wind down in the evening.
RRP: £19.99 Price I paid £9.99

Loves Me, Loves Me Not - Large
I am completely in love with this candle, it smells just like fresh daisies and I can't stop using it! LOVE.
RRP: £19.99 Price I Paid £9.99

The sprays in between are Beach Walk I bought one of them, and the other came free in a gift set I received for spending £40. I also bought Blake a car smelly Pink Sands of course so it smells all girly! They are so good and they last, I recommend getting one. 

Beach Walk Spray 
RRP: £5.65 Price I Paid £2.85

Pink Sands Car Fragrance
RRP: £1.99 (I paid original price)

In the free gift bag I received;

Beach Walk Spray - RRP: £5.65

Midnight Jasmine Ultimate Car Jar
This has a calming smell to it, it's the kinda of scent that would put me to sleep. - RRP: £2.99

Vanilla Lime Reed Diffuser 
This smells incredible, I never could imagine the 2 smells together but they work so well!
RRP: £9.99

Next time I go to the outlet i'm going to buy some goodies for a giveaway so let me know on instagram what your favourite yankee candle scents are!

Hope you enjoyed, love love xo

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  1. I love Yankee Candles - I can recommend Summer Scoop - smells just like ice cream it's so yummy! Looking forward to your post about the gorgeous clothes you bought from H&M!

    Jenny xx