Friday, 25 July 2014

8 ways to be healthier

I went through a big stage of my life feeling completely depressed, I'd not want to get out of bed, I felt low in every way possible! So I started thinking about ways I could improve my mood and health in general. Here are some changes I made to my like.. And trust me, I'm 100 times better!!

1) Eliminate all things negative from your life
I thought about all the things that made me sad, whether it was the people around me, the colours of my walls, my job, my moods etc and changed them for positive things, the more positive things you let out, the more you will attract, I'm a huge believer in this and many good things have happened,

2) Exersize
Even if it's just half an hour a day, it gets the blood pumping, releases happy chemicals (endorphins) into the brain, makes you stronger and more active, making you feel less unmotivated!
It's a bit stress relief as you can let it all out by working hard. Exersize helped keep your body in shape, and helps to talking anxiety and insomnia as you're working your body more = helps you sleep better! So over all positive happy things!

3) Healthy food
Watch you diet, and eat certain foods that make you feel energised and happy. I use to eat crappy unhealthy food, and although at the time tastes good, it did nothing for my health and moods. I'm sure a lot of people can relate here.. I'm not a fruit eater! So instead, I take vitamins everyday and drink
fresh fruit juice. Unlike fruit, I love vegetables, I could eat them on there own (FREAK) I know ;) bit they make me feel great. Try testing yourself with food you dislike, because taste buds are forever
changing and you may start to like foods you use to hate. For me it was spinach, I HATED it bit now
I try eat it with most meals, it's full of iron and goodies so is an all round good food!

Less coffee. I know everyone loves a good energiser coffee in the morning, but too much caffeine can result in migraines and dehydration, I suffered with this a lot! I tried cutting out coffee and other car fines and exchanging for water. If you're not a fan of normal water, like myself, make it your own by adding fresh fruit, like strawberries or lime, it gives it a nice flavour. Water helps with everything, my skin cleared up, my hair is softer, i feel more fresh and energised, and it's great for any viruses or bugs you have!

5) Clean surroundings
Like a lot of people I'm a procrastinator, and then things build up and I find myself in a pickle = lots of stress and no sleep. Believe it or not you will sleep better in a clean room rather than a messy one and you don't have 'clutter' surrounding you. Try and keep your surrounding tidy, it's a lot better for the mind, and it looks good therefore makes you feel good. If you don't like cleaning, make it fun, sing and dance around like me! Oh and I also make home decor myself, to make things look neat and pretty, such as brush holders and magnet clip boards. I will do some DIY posts soon!

6) Talk to people when you're down
I have a big habit of bottling things up when I'm down or angry, but one of the best things to do is talk about it, it's such a big weight of the shoulders, and whether the other person may or may not be able to help you, they can comfort you. A lot of the time I talk to my rabbits! Craaaazy laddddy, but it feels good because I don't feel so angry. If you find it hard to talk to someone, wrote it down or right a blog, there's a lot of people out there who are probably going through/ have experienced the same thing.

7) Help others
I always find if I go out for the day, helping someone in the smallest way makes me feel good about myself. Whether it's opening a door or helping an old person across the road, you will be making them feel good as well as yourself, or even just smiling at someone and getting a smile back, me and my boyfriend beep and wave at people in the car, completely randomly, but people (even though confused) smile and wave back, it's great! sorry if you're someone we have done this too ;)

8) Look after yourself
Just because your down, don't neglect yourself and your needs, take a nice fresh shower in the morning and think about what you're going to do today, if it helps right a list, and be organised. Routine is good for you, try getting up at the same time everyday as well as going to sleep, if you're all over the place, your mind will be too. Surround yourself with smells that you love as they will make you feel motivated, and if you feel really low, write down positive quote and stick them around the house, I love doing this and it makes me smile!

I hope this post helped you guys!
I'm going to do a post on bullying soon as I feel I can use my experiences to help others going through it! HAVE A GOOD EVENING/DAY wherever you are!

loadsa love xoxoxo

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