Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Monday!

I have been really busy lately, which is why I've been lacking with posts, so big apologies to those who read this often!

Lots of good things have been happening, and even more to come.
A few weeks ago Blake and I travelled up to Leeds for my photo shoot where I met the most genuine, down to earth ladies ever! Gemma, the creator of Uncommon Nonsense is who of the most beautiful, talented women I have ever met and is such an inspiration! She makes everything herself, despite having to tackle being poorly often. You can read her story here.

Gemma wrote to me personally asking if I would model for their 2014 S/S collection, despite being nervous at first I couldn't say no as it was such a big opportunity? Her company has been featured in Vogue! Along with Gemma I met Kate, another beautiful model who has been working with Gemma for ages, Becca, and incredible make-up artists who did absolute wonders on me! (My family all want to be airbrushed now hehe) Vicky and her apprentice who look the most beautiful photos. Usually I get very nervous having my photos taken, especially in front of people I haven't met before, and knowing my photos are going to be online, but they made me feel at home straight away.
Thank you so much for the opportunity and I can't wait to see you soon!

All clothes are available at uncommon-nonsense
Also follow them on Instagram @Unonsenseuk

As well as exciting photo shoots, I have 9 weeks left of college which is stressful, as I have loads to do. Once this year has finished there will be exciting things to come as well as starting youtube tutorial videos, exciting!

I will try update on here more and do some more requested posts, it'll be a lot easier when I have more time on my hands, hope everyone is well xo

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