Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hair growth tips

I thought this would be a good post as I get asked all the time how I maintain keeping my hair healthy after dying it so much. It has taken me a long time to get strength back into my hair, as before I became a hairdresser I had no knowledge about how to strengthen it.
I have bleached my hair many times, and those who have followed the same footsteps will know it damages the hair because it's taking out the pigment, and also drying it out. This leads to your hair becoming more like bubblegum and can cause breakage. So here are a few tips so keep your hair healthy and grow faster!

Products: Products are great, as long as you aren't overusing them, certain products such a hairspray and mousse can cause the hair to dry out, they will also kill the hair. When using products you want to look out for the ones that can strengthen and protect your hair, especially if you use straighteners, tongs etc etc they will also prevent hair breakage.

Let Your Hair Get Dirty: Washing your hair too much is bad for hair growth, washing your hair excessively gets rid of the natural oils which help it grow, so let your hair get dirty. If you know you’re not doing anything, leave your hair another day before washing it. I wash my hair every 2 days, unless it feels too oily, but it has helped my hair to strengthen and I find my hair is growing quicker than it was before.

Leave in treatments: I've talked about using these before and I really do swear by them, whether it's a strengthening treatment you buy from the store or a DIY mayonnaise hair mask, leaving it on all night will help your hair gain strength. Never trust a product (treatment) that says leave on for any less than 10 minutes, your hair needs time to soak in the moisture.

Vitamins & minerals: Making sure your body gets the right vitamins is important anyway, but it is an even bigger benefit for your hair! Tablets such as Evening Primrose and Cod liver oil and great for helping your hair grow and stay healthy, you can get them from your local chemist or cosmetics store and they aren't too pricey.

Brushing your hair: If your hair tends to get knotted never start brushing from the root to ends, this will cause your hair to break off and you will be applying too much pressure, always start from point to root to prevent breakage. Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair, when the hair is wet it's at its most vulnerable so using a wide tooth combs allows more space and is less likely to tangle the hair.
Brushing your hair upside down is also a great trick, and doing so multiple times a day, it helps the blood flow which boosts the hair growth.

Regular hair cut: Getting your hair trimmed every six weeks is great for the hair, it helps to take off broken ends from heat damage, so your hair is constantly keeping its strength! If you get highlights in your hair, don't have a full head every six weeks, just get your T section done, it's will cause less damage to your hair and give it time to breathe.

Less heat: Heat is one of the worst things for your hair, especially if heat protection isn't being used, try leaving your hair natural when you aren't going out, it gives your hair time to breathe and strengthen. Heat causes the hair to weaken and your hair will break off if it isn't protected. If you use tongs a lot, try using roller on the hair instead and leave them to dry naturally.

Look after your hair! It won't grow fast over night, but the more you look after it the faster and stronger it will grow. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water it makes a difference.

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