Monday, 20 January 2014

Hair Care

Even though a little pricey, I find the Aussie range great, especially for dull or damaged hair.
I'm currently using the mega shampoo, and 3 minute miracle conditioner along with their serum on my hair when it's dry. I definitely recommended giving their products a try!

Moroccan oil is an absolute god send, if you have damaged hair! from bleaching or over dying etc! this is a miracle worker! my hair gains so much strength from using this range, it's a little expensive but worth every penny if you want strong shiny hair,

I use a hair mayonnaise treatment to give strength back to my hair, it also adds shine, you don't have to use a brand on your hair, you can simply use mayonnaise you already have at home!

So that's everything that I'm currently using, but as I change the products I use on my hair, I will review and add more to a new post. Hope this helps anyone who has damaged hair.

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