Thursday, 23 January 2014

10 steps to healthier skin

1) The less makeup you wear on your skin the better, wearing too much will clog your pours. You need to allow your skin to breathe. I know it’s easier to cover your break outs with layers of coverage, but the only way you’re going to get clear skin is by less wearing less.
2) Cleanse – I find the best times to cleanse my face are first thing in the morning last thing at night. If you’ve been wearing makeup all day, or even wear you rub/touch your face, it will collect bacteria and dirt, cleansing before bed will get rid of this and leave your skin feeling clean and fresh. When you sleep you may sweat, so it’s best to go over your face in the morning, followed by moisturising.
3) Exfoliate – Exfoliating the skin will get rid of any dead cells on your face, and help reduce the risk of breaking out, I usually exfoliate 2-3 times a week, it can also make your skin brighter. Do not exfoliate your face every day, it can make it appear dryer.
4) Moisturise – Moisturising will help keep your face from drying up, and leaves it hydrated, don’t use too much or your face could get oily. I moisturise after exfoliating and it keeps it’s from drying out and also after I have a bath or shower.
5)Never wear makeup to bed, it will clog your pours and you are more likely to break out.
6) Drink plenty of water, as boring as it sounds it is the most important key to healthy skin. Drinking water will flush out any toxins in the body and will keep your hydrated. It is also said it can give you a healthy glow. Try to drink 6 200ml glasses a day.
7) Wear UV protecter (sunscreen) whenever exposed to sunlight, the worst thing for your skin is sun damage.
8) Eat less sugary foods and more foods rich with vitamins, such as fruit and veg. They may sound less tasty, but there’s plenty of ways to make them more interesting, like fruit smoothies! Sugary/Fatty foods are more likely to make your skin oily and break out.
9) Fibre – If you suffer from acne often, you should add more fibre to your diet. One of the main reasons that cause acne breakouts is indigestion. Changing the littlest things will help such as, whole-grain breads, brown rice (instead of white) and eating apples, bananas and oatmeal.
10) Exercise! It doesn’t have to be a lot but your face will become a lot healthier if you sweat all the toxins before you cleanse, it’s keeps the blood pumping and you will find your skin will become a lot clearer.
These are things I have tried out/changed over the past and they’ve worked the best, I hope they will help. Be sure to know what kind of skin you have such as, oily/dry/combination so you will be able to use the correct products. (Repost)

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