Sunday, 29 September 2013

New journey

Most of you will know me from my old blogs '' I've been on there a long time and fancied a change along with everything else in my life.
I thought the best way to start would be to do 20 facts about me so those of you who don't know me, can get to a little better!

1- My full name is Stacie-Marie Williams
2- I'm Twenty as of 26/06/93
3- I'm one of 5 children
4- I'm a hairdresser in training
5- My aim in life is to travel the world
6- I love my boyfriend more than life
7- I have 3 rabbits, one Flemish, one lop, and one Netherland dwarfs cross
8- I don't live with my parents, and haven't since I was 16
9- I have an obsession with the colour pink
10- I love photography
11- I have always dreamt of being a model
12- I have a passion for fashion and would shop 24/7 if I could
13- I want to settle down in Los Angeles
14- When I have the money I want to set up my own charity
15- I love dinosaurs and pandas too much
16- I could live off of pasta
17- Big jewellery > Small jewellery
18- I hibernate in the winter
19- I love baking
20- One day my whole house will be pastel coloured

So there is a little bit about myself, I get asked the same questions often on my instagram, so I will be doing a FAQ page soon.
I will also be posting on certain days, Tuesdays and Fridays and Sundays I think! And also a youtube channel is coming soon xo

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